Elke and Michel visited MADAM for an evaluation.

August 2012


Mohamed S. Conteh the Director of MADAM Sierra Leone departed Sierra Leone on the 09.08.12 for further studies in Rurh University Bockhum, Germany.  He might as well participate in other events oprganized by the donors EED and BFW.  The two donors have marged.

03.08.12 and 04.08.12

Siga a Non-Governmental Organization paid an exchange visit to MADAM Sierra Leone on the 03 and 04.08.12 with a four man delegation lead by the executive Director Mr. Vidal Robert.  The said organization is funded by BFW.  The operartional areas of MADAM visited in Makeni were the Youth Training Centre (Garage and Restaurant), and the guest house under construction.  At Makali the Remidial Educational Centre was also visited.

April 2012

After 3 years working with MADAM Elke and Michel Mazylis are phasing out of the organization.  As skills training Advisor and Technical Advisor, they installed the "Youth Training and Service Center", which they currently overhand to their local counterparts.

March 2012

A new pump for well has been intslled in Makali Remidial Education Center.  It was relief for 90 student who are benifiting from this water source.  It is donated by Mr. Gabriel Froinhofer through YOOW in Berlin.

March 2012

3 new Field Agents have been employed for the Brace II project

March 2012

Interview are ongoing for a "Head of Department" for the Youth Training and service center. 

March 2012

Donation of twenty "YOOW" sewing machines for the new Polio Center in MakeniMADAM strives for a cooperationbetween their shop and the Tailoring workshop in the Polio center.

February 2012

Container from YOOW in Berlin arrived with bicycle, sewing mavhines and medical equipment.

February 2012

After two staff members in the restaurant component had left end of the year, a new restaurant supervisor is in charge.  Her name is Tueslyn Caulker

January 2012

Container from Gered Gereedshap has been equipped and is in function now as a metal workshop.


Container from Gered Gereedshap in the Netherlands arrived at MADAM in Makeni. It has been unloaded and items also distributed to other partner organizations.


Gered Gereedschap from the Netherland send a container with tools for MADAM and other partners.  The container itself is fully equiped as a metal workshop and serve as a training facility in the garage component of the Youth Training and Service Centre

03.and 04.11.11

Workshop on operationalization


Facilitator: Ken Kawa, EDRA Consult

01. and 02.11.11

Workshop on governance and ownership

Participants: Board members, Senior Management, Founder Members,

Facilitator: Klaas Atsma from the Netherlands

10.10.11- 17.11.11

Dieter Pogorzaly from SES Senior Expert Service in Germany gives support for Administrative Management and reorganization


Visit of Clara Fernandez, Finance Officer from EED to give advice to MADAM finance Officer and other partners


Workshop in Bimingham, England. Topic: Strenghtening organizational policy and practice for work in conflict affected areas


Donation from YOOW, water pump for Gbonkolenken


Graduation for Trainees in the Youth Training and Service Center in Makambo/Makeni


Visit of Katerina Demel and Ulrike Binder from BFTW on food security issues


Alieu B. Sesay has been employed as a computer administrator and storekeeper for the garage.


Regional workshop on linkages between Nutrition and food security

Venue: Dakarr-Senegal

Donors: REACH, FAO and ACF


The food security and Agriculture Organization of the United National (FAO) estimates that globally 925 million people are undernourished in 2010 worldwide. Most of the world's hungry lives in developing countries, where they account for 16 percent of the population. The proportion of undernourished people remains highest in Sub-Saharan Africa, at 30 percent in 2010.

Goal of the regional workshop

To build the competence of individual responsible for nutrition and food security programming so that more programs in the region including integrated approaches to food security, nutrition and livelihood, and that the impact on nutrition of these projects is increased, and well monitored and documented.



Graduation of Tailoring Trainees in Makali Remedial Education Center


Director Mohamed S. Conteh participated in the following workshops:

Advanced Training Course on Monitoring Economic, Social and Cultural Rights at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights


Training course on Introduction to conflict transformation at the Mindanao Peace Building Institute, Davao, Phillipines

23. -27.05.2011

Training course on Conflict Resolution Skills: Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogue


NPSE Exams for Students in the Remidial Education Centre in Makali


Workshop for Quickbook and ongoing inplementation

Participants: Abu Bakarr Kamara, Finance Officer and Kadiatu Kamara, Assistant


Spectacular sports event in Makombeh School organized by teacher Hassan Sesay


Elke and Michel Mazylis are on workshops in Germany and intensify contacts to donors.

YOOW in Berlin has sponsored a pump for a waterwell in Makombeh School


According to the constituton, MADAM board gave notice to all seniormanagement members. After four years all of them have to reapply for their position

2. 2011

Gered Gereedshap, an organisation from the Netherlands which donats tools, plans to send a complete metal workshop in a container in June. This unforseen gift is very much appriciated and extremely necessary for the metal work training.

1. 2011

Midterm evaluation for the BLACE project by an independent consultant

1. 2011

Daniel Engunga facilitated a two days Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop for some of MADAM's projects as well as the headoffice.