Our program areas have not only been selected to meet local, national and international agendas, but also to build on our existing strengths and considerable experiences.

The agricultural food security program area is designed to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty and to ensure environmental sustainability. we are keen to ensure that we link all the actors in the value chain so that we can address power relation and market access issues.

Agriculture is the countries major economic activity and agriculture is not just critical in ensuring greater security now, but also in our future development. Indeed, the link between agriculture and education was made very explicit by participants who not only point out that hungry people can't learn, but also that they use agricultural income to pay school fees.

The income generation program area comprises skills training and enterprise development components. We are supporting the upskilling of unemployed youth and women and enabling them to contribute to small scale private sector development.

Importance of education

Statistics show that 30% of primary school going age children are not in school.That is why our focus is not only on children, but also on youth and on knowledge sharing between partners.