dedicated to improve the livelihood security of individuals and families living in the poorest communities driven by the belief that sustainable development can only be achieved if the people are taking the lead, their participation in decision making is essential!

BLACE Building Livelihood and Community Empowerment (3 Chiefdoms in Tokolili district)

1. Education 

Remedial education for school drop outs, preparation for
NPSE (National Primary School Exam) in Makali Training Center
Parallell to academic fields skills training in carpentry, tailoring and agriculture 
Those who pass go to Junior Secondary School    
Others can improve and upgrade their practical skills to earn a living

2. Community Development

  • Outreach skills training
  • Strengthening of seed banks
  • Irrigation
  • Inland valley swamps
  • Fish farming farmer field schools
  • Support to community initiatives
Two fishponds
Two fishponds one behind another

Minister visits Makali center
Vice Minister for Fisheries Mrs.R.Sankoh visits Makali project

Students in Makali

Remedial education in Makali
School children class 5 and 6


newly built fishpond


IVS Inland Valley Swamp

Fish farmer

Fieldagents Dennis Koroma and Susan Kondeh (center)
Fishfarmer Henry Bangura (right)