Makombeh School

Makombeh community is located within the Port Loko District in the Northern Province about 86km southwest from Makeni, MADAM Head office.
Makombeh School has been established because there is limited opportunity for children to start early education, especially those within the age of 5-8 years due to the long distance and lack of school opportunity within the Makombeh community.

Class 3

 Makombeh School children 2011



Overall goal

" Access to basic quality education for children between the ages of 5 and 7 years"


Late schooling causes a series of problems like

- early marriage
- teenage pregnancy
- children become beggars
- children become street sellers

especially the girl child has the largest drop out.
This has become one of the social issues in Makombeh community.

Class 3

Class 3




Chairpersons Makombeh school


Problem statement

Madam and partners want to spent more time and effort to empower the poor, vulnerable and marginalized children within the growth population of Makombeh environment, because they are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Some major causes for parents not sending their children to school at early age

- Poor road network
- High distance from feeder school
- Parents do not have the awareness/ value of education especially the worth of early schooling
- Lack of adult education
- Poor sensitization and mobilization of grass-root especially woman and youths towards education
Therefore MADAM (program) will address the need for access for child education and establishment of adult education for numeracy and literacy programmes to increase awareness rising for education and environmental health. 

MADAM will come in between to assist and develop partnership to help the children to reach their goal and on time.

Two teachers are working at the school: Salematu Kamara for class 1 and Hassan Sesay for class 2 and 3.

The school project is supported by a group from the Netherlands.

A lot of changes have taken place in the last months:


toilet building


Toilets have been build behind the school  (still under construction)

renovated school building

newly renovated school building

3 classrooms