Promoting Agro-Business Project

Promoting Agro-Business Project is a three year Cordaid funded project implemented in four chiefdoms in Bombali and Tonkolili District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone starting January 2010.
The project targets to directly benefit approximately 1600 rural smallholder farmers mainly woman and youth clustered in 40 farmer groups, growing cassava and groundnuts.
The project overall objective is to contribute towards improving the income, farm production and productivity and market access for the rural smallholder farmers in Bombali and Tonkolili District through value chain development for cassava and groundnut sub-sectors.
The project is in line with the government priorities as outlined in the presidents Agenda for Change initiative that seeks to promote agriculture as a business towards poverty reduction and improvement in food security situation in Sierra Leone.
The project aims to achieve the above goal through the following outputs:
  • Increased farm production and productivity of the 40 selected rural farmers groups mainly youth and women growing cassava and groundnuts.
  • The institutional capacities of the selected 40 farmers groups will be strengthened and effectively empowered and functional to enable them to articulate and represent the interests of its members.
  • Established forward and backward linkages, networks and collaborations between farmers and other chain actors, especially with the private sector will be operational and farmers ability to participate and engage other stakeholders in the chain will have been strengthened.
Besides the support of the Director, Mr. Mohamed S. Conteh and the Finance Officer, Mr. Abu Bakarr Kamara, the project is implemented by four full time staff.
The Value Chain Advisor, Mr. Josphat Kashero coordinates the implementation of the project through providing technical value chain development support.
The project officer, Mr. Fenti Conteh heads the field operation activities. In hand to assist in the implementation and coordination of activities at village or community levels are two field agents, Mr. Edward Conteh and Ramatu S. Kamara, each assigned to one District of operation.    
At the end of the project, it is envisaged that the rural smallholder farmers will have a 30% increase in farm production and productivity, and able to benefit more from their participation in cassava and groundnut growing.
The forty farmers groups will have transformed into strong and viable groups able to engage other actors and stakeholders in the chains and play leading advocacy roles for shaping up a better agribusiness environment.
Ultimately, rural smallholder farmers will benefit from access to information through their established linkages and will be able to access high value markets for their produce.
Post harvest losses will be reduced greatly and the income and food security levels will have improved.

This will go a long way in reducing the poverty levels of rural smallholder farmers in Bombali and Tonkolili District.

Fieldagents Edward Conteh and Ramatu S Kamara.jpg

Field agents Edward Conthe and Ramatu S. Kamara