Partner-project with Care (SADev)


This project is funded by the European Union

Partner organizations are VSO and CARE

Working towards food security
Working towards food security , rice field

Overall objective:

Contribute to the sustainable improvement of the food security of the population of Koinadugu District. 

Specific Objective:

In 5 chiefdoms of Koinadugu District, increase the income and farm productivity of the members of 60 sustainable Farmers Association (FAs) of which 45% are women and young people, over a period of 48 month.

Implemented in:

Wara Wara Yagala, Sengbeh, Folosaba Dembelia, Dembelia Sinkunia, Kansonko

Target group:

60 Farmer Associations (FA's); each has a membership of 30 which is comprised of 45% women and 70% youth.
Direct beneficiaries: 1800 households of seven people per household = 12600 people

SADEV MADAM team at Kabala
The SADEV MADAM team at Kabala

Estimated results:

  • Targeted FAs have increased organizational capacity to ensure their autonomy and sustainability.
  • Targeted FAs have a sustainable access to the inputs and technical skills necessary to increase Agricultural productivity (based on environmentally- sounded principles) and value addition.
  • Targeted FAs are actively involved in the development of at least one value chain in close collaboration with the local traders.
  • The voice of the FAs is heard and taken into consideration at chiefdom and district levels.


Women with their fishing gear
Women with their fishing gear

Main activities:

  • Organizational assessment, exchange of best practice between FAs, training curriculum, Train MAFFS ( Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security) and project staff; train FAs annual meetings between FAs, link with MFI, advice on land tenure and herder's farmer's conflict, sensitization on HIV/ AIDS.
  • Link with national research institutes, water management of swamp valleys, conservation agriculture, seed multiplication, dissemination of processing equipment.
  • Market assessment, review past value chain analysis, select and develop at least one value chain, building of trust and linkages between value chain actors.
  • Advocate for participation of FA representatives in agricultural committee at district level, support FAs to implement advocacy initiatives.
Maddam reaching out to communities which are difficult to reach
MADAM reaching out to communities which are difficult to reach because of bad road conditions

Implemented by:

The main implementer of the project is MADAM
in partnership with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) and CARE.

Secretary of farmers association with his wife
Secretary of farmers association with his wife


A prayer session
Farmers workshop starts with a prayer session