Success Stories

Sustainable agriculture development in Koinadugu District in Sierra Leone


Makombeh School Project


Hassan Kamara

Name:   Hassan Kamara

Age:      9 years                                                                                    

School:  Makombeh School

Class:   3

Supported: MADAM/ Makombeh Foundation, Netherlands

Hassan is one of the most vulnerable children at Gbanti/Makombeh community. When he started school he could not talk clearly, but was able to listen. Hassan has four brothers and two sisters. He has been neglected and abandoned by his parents because of his poor communication problem. Children of the same age group excluded him from social activities; they humiliated him on several occasions.

Through the opening of Makombeh Foundation School in 2008 Hassan was able to come in contact with one of the school teachers at the age of six. He was encouraged to start schooling.

Hassan find it difficult to interact with school going pupils at the initial stage. But one good thing about Hassan is that he is very active in games and sports and participating fully. With this talent Hassan was able to gain fame and become popular among his colleagues. Although his class performance was not too good during the first two years.

However due to his sports activities he started improving on his social interaction among other children and improves his class performance slowly. In the third year Hassan was chosen to represent a junior primary school sports competition in Port Loko District. Hassans performance is a model to other school going children within the District. He started gaining more fame among other children; he was hailed by other school going children and became a child friend within the Gbanti/Makombeh community. Hassan is now a role model in the school activities that is the psychomotor and also affects the class work. Hassan can now read simple sentences, answer questions and work out simple mathematic problems. He gained the 4th position in class exams out of 14 pupils promoting to class four.




Mary J.Sesay


Name:       Mary J. Sesay  

Age:          22 years

School:      Barina Agricultural Secondary School -Makali

Class:        JSS 2

Supported: MADAM/Bread for the World (BftW)

Mary was born in 1989 at Makoli, Kaffie chiefdom, Tonkolili  District. Makoli is 16 km off Makali. Mary attended the Tonkolili District Education Council Primary School Mabonto and sat for the National Primary School Exams in 2003 and came up with of 280 scores, which led her to the Junior Secondary School Mathora. In the same year Mary lost the two parents on a road accident, nobody else can offer to pay school fees for Mary, she was disarray, left school and decided to go back to the village and  join her aunt.

During her stay with her aunt there was no opportunity for schooling, she came in contact with a village boy who pregnated her. She lost the child upon delivery.

After this incident Mary decided to move from Makoli and to join a school mate at Magburaka. On her arrival at Magburaka she was fortunate to meet a friend who explained to her about the benefit she would get from MADAM Remedial Education. Mary became interested and decided to travel to Makali to seek for assistance. On her arrival at Makali she was warmly  welcomed by one of the Remedial Education tutor. Mary explained herself and she was enrolled at the Remedial Education Centre Makali and started schooling at class 5.

Mary sat for the NPSE and scored grade 306. She is presently in JSS 2 in Barina Agricultural Secondary School. Mary is very active in sport activities and promises to be a model in the Makoli community.

Mary thanks MADAM and BftW for  the assistance given to her.




Joseph Tholley


Name:         Joseph Tholley

Age:         20

School:      Barina Agricultural Secondary School Makali

Form:        JSS 2

Supported: MADAM/Bread for the World (BftW)

Joseph Tholley was born at Magboferia community Kaffie chiefdom in Tonkolili District Northern part of Sierra Leone.  Joseph was 10 years old; attending the Tonkolili District Education Council (TDEC) primary school Makali in class 3 in 1997.

Joseph went to fetch water from the stream. On his way back he was captured and recruited as a child soldier by the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) rebel soldiers. He was with the rebels in the bush until 1999. In 2000 when Joseph was released by the said rebels he found out that his father Mr. Ibrahim Tholley is dead. The story behind was; the father went to the farm to brush a new plot of land. There a big tree fall on him and he died.  Josephs mother Amanita Sesay was just too old and poor to support the little boy in schooling. He engaged selling little things in the streets for three years. From his sales/profit he decided to continue schooling again with class 3 in (TDEC) school Makali until 2008.

In 2008 he heard of the Remedial Education supported by MADAM through  friends who are attending the Remedial Education School in MADAM centre . Joseph  told his old mother that he would like to attend the Remedial School in MADAM .Joseph met the set criteria set by the School Management Committee (SMC) .He registered  and started schooling in MADAM as a class 5 pupil and promoted to class 6 ,sat for the National Primary Exams and scored 320 out of 400. Joseph is now in Junior Secondary School stage 2  at Makali.

In his Secondary School he always represents the School in quiz competition which has improved his communication skills. He is now able to interact with pupils of the same age group within the community.  Joseph feels like belonging now to a changing progressive society. An opportunity which he would have missed.

Joseph thanks MADAM and Bread for the World for their great support in Education and change of life.  



Mariatu A. Kamara

Name:        Mariatu A. Kamara

Age:         21 years

School:      Barina Agricultural Secondary School Makali

Form:        JSS 3

Supported: MADAM/Bread for the World (BftW)

Mariatu A. Kamara is born 23rd March, 1990 at Makomp village Makali section, Kunike Barina Chiefdom Tonkolili District Northern Province.

My father was a diamond digger and settled in Kono Eastern part of Sierra Leone 120 km from Makali .In 1992 because of the rebel war my father returned to Makali and settled with the family. In 1994 the rebels attacked Makali and the entire family fleed to Makomb, where we stayed at the camp for some time.

Unfortunately the rebels also attacked the Makomp camp by 11pm. Then my father and mother were captured and slaughtered.  I was saved by my grandmother who is 60 years old. In 2000 after disarmament my uncle picked me up at Makomp and brought me to Makali to start schooling. I started in 2001 at the Roman Catholic Primary School Makali and stayed there from class 1-5. In 2006 my uncle was attacked by Malaria. Due to lack of medical facilities within the Makali communities my uncle could not withstand the unbearable conditions and lost his life in 2006. My Grandmother is still alive but too old of age (68) to take care of my needs, especially my school affairs. After the death of my uncle I thought I am already a drop out. I started patrolling on the streets of Makali.

After a while 2007, I was called upon by a close friend with similar experience to meet a teacher at the Remedial Education Centre Makali. Immediately I went to the centre and faced a couple of elders which I later realized that they are part of the School Management Committee (SMT). I was interviewed by the committee, the only person I could recognized within the committee was my previous head teacher at the Roman Catholic Primary School Makali. After a series of questions  and answers  my name was written down in the books of MADAM as a pupil in class 5.Exercise books, uniforms and other learning materials were supplied.

Mariatu sat her NPSE in 2008 and scored 298 grades out of 300. She is now JSS 3 and attended a series of workshops: in December 2009 she attended a youth workshop in governance and human rights in BO and 2011 attended youth camp training/ workshop in Monrovia, Liberia, supported by (EED) on different disciplines like HIV/AIDS, Advocacy, Leadership, Governance and several other interesting topics that deal with youths. Mariatu is now the head girl in Barina Secondary School Makali and always represent the school in quiz competition and sports. She is a very promising students and a model in the community.




Sullay Tholley

Name:      Sullay Tholley 

Age:           15 years

School:       Remedial Education Centre -Makali

Class:         6 (six)

Sullay is 15 years old and born at Mangumba village in Kunike Barina chiefdom Tonkolili District. He started is primary school in 2005 in Wonkigbor.

Sullay lost his father in 2007 when he was in class four. At this time his mother was six months pregnant. Sullay was in school playing with friends when a friend of his mother came to the school to collect him.  On their arrival in the village at Mangumbu he heard people crying loudly. He was too little to analyze the situation. Sullay cried when he learnt that his mother died, simply because she could not deliver her baby. His mother was the only bread winner of the family with  eight children. For the rest of the year Sullay could not continue schooling because of financial constrains in his home.

It was during a routine school management committee (SMC) meeting in the Remedial Education MADAM centre that Mr. Joseph Koroma, chairman of the school management committee clearly stated that he has made a follow –up to other schools and found out that some children dropped out of school because they have lost their parents and no other person to undertake the financial responsibilities. It was during this discussion that  the issue of Sullay came up.

The SMC met Sullay to highlight the importance of education and to persuade him to register with the Remedial Education Centre in MADAM – Makali in 2009.

Sullay is presently in class six preparing to take the National Primary School Exams. He is the school prefect. He can read and write, loves mathematics and General Science. He attended the school health club organized by Concern World Wide, an International NGO. The club is an educational programme initiative to help sustain the safe learning environment at school level, helping children to improve health,hygiene and sanitation behaviours. Sullay takes part in quiz competition, learning and debating society in various schools.

Sullay wants to become a Doctor in the near future.



Susan Kamara

Name:         Susan Kamara

Age:            14 years

School:         Remedial Education Centre -Makali

Class:           6 (six)

Supported:     MADAM/Bread for the World (BftW)

Susan is 14 years old and born at Wonkigbor village, Kunike Barina chiefdom, Tonkolili District.

My father Pa Brima Kamara and my mother Hawa Sesay are gold miners. My father married 3 wives. My father lost his life during the gold mining in 2005 at Makong village, while I was in class four. I have six brothers and five sisters and my mother can no longer meet our financial needs especially on our education because of family problems and commitment.

In 2008 Susan joined the MADAM Remedial Education Centre in Makali.

Susan is presently attending class six, getting prepared for the National Primary School Exams (NPSE) in June 2011. She can now read, write and speak simple English. She is a member of the children forum societies in Tonkolili District. Susan usually participates in quiz competition and social interaction is perfect.